This is an art project about a canvas has many stories with encounter pepople in daily life through tearm of one year.
Express moment of now on a canvas with encounter of peopleeveryday of 2018.

'Story Of A Canvas 2019'は、2019年12月31日をもって無事終了しました。
描かれてる物より出会いの記録が大事な、Story Of A Canvasにとって最高ラストだと思います。

'Story Of A Canvas 2019' has been complited at 31st of december 2018.
I appreciate to all artists who joined my art project.This time leader was lack of motivation to keep adding a dot on canvas daily ,so only 393 scenes were recorded.Hpwever at each art event we joined in 2018 many people added paint,tapes,glue,etc then canvas grew up wonderfully! And the shocking last scean! I Painted canvas white! Becouse its more important to see history of canvas in 2018 than what is drawn on it last. I just wanted to show pure thickness and wheight of canvas as a history of encounter in 2018.Thank you very much to all encounter through this canvas in 2018!!!